#SecretBallot march unites opposition parties

 United they stood: The Democratic Alliance (DA), the Economic Freedom fighters (EFF), Congress of the People (COPE), and the African People’s Convention (APC) in solidarity for the #secretballotmarch

Members of opposing political parties such as the Democratic Alliance (DA), the Economic Freedom fighters (EFF), Congress of the People (COPE), and the African People’s Convention (APC), united together on Monday May 15, as they gathered at the Constitutional court to await the court’s secret ballot ruling.

The different groups marched from Mary Fitzgerald square on Monday morning to gather outside of the constitutional court whilst the court heard the application for a secret ballot in the motion of no confidence in President Jacob Zuma.

One DA Supporter who attend this anti-Zuma march for the first time said that she felt in solidarity with the different groups despite having come there alone. “We’ve come a long way with all our marches that we’ve had and we’ve shown that we can be united as a country irrespective of what party we belong to,” Natasha Swarthbooi said.

EFF supporter, Rodney Rikhotso, 29, who travelled from Eldorado Park, created a coffin case with Zuma’s face on it to march together with the different groups today. “I decided to create this because when we look at our economy it is going down with Jacob Zuma.”

Whilst the APC, in their small group of 12, travelled from the Free State to join forces with opposing parties to march against Zuma and see the court make a judgement.

“I came here to observe and support this march for today. We are hoping that the court can rule that the ballots can be used in parliament because there is no transparency,” said APC Free State Provincial secretary, Kosenele Mofokeng.

The crowds of political party members could be seen carrying placards written ‘Fire Zuma’, ‘Zuma get outa here’ and the popular ‘Zuma Must Fall’ statement until Monday evening once the Con Court debate had ended.

According to a report by eNCA the scheduled no-confidence debate was postponed by parliamentary Speaker Baleka Mbete, who has said she has no powers to agree to a secret ballot.

Opposition parties stand in solidarity against Zuma. Photo by Karen Mwendera

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