News photographs

These are 10 news photograph submissions which were taken during newsworthy events under WitsVuvuzela by Karen Mwendera.

  1. DSC_0011
    An EFF supporter stands with her dog participating in the #SecretBallot march which happened at the Constitutional court on May 19, 2017. Photo by Karen Mwendera.


    Wits EFF chairperson, Koketso Poho adresses Wits workers at a meeting after some of the staff memebers were excluded from Wits insourcing strategy in February 2017. Photo by Karen Mwendera.


    Bachelor of Social work graduates celebrate being one degree hotter in front of the Great Hall on March 31. Photo by Karen Mwendera


The triple bill performance by Oscar Buthelezi performed at the Wits theatre during the Dance Umbrella week on March 1. Photo by Karen Mwendera


_Beer debate
Wits students engage in beer debates hosted by ReThink Africa at the Post Grad Pub on April 13. Photo by Karen Mwendera.


Students at off campus accomodations have been warned that despite the Western Cape High Court ruling in April, dagga has not been legalised. Photo by Karen Mwendera.


24_parkmews 4
The road where student residents of Park Mews and Student Digz have requested for a bus stop after being subject to theft and robbery as they travel to Education Campus and Junction to catch the Wits buses. Photo by Karen Mwendera.


Wits Law students castng their vote for the School Council Elections on March 17. Photo by Karen Mwendera.


Ngũgĩ Wa Thiong’o gave a lecture probing students to think about language in education at the Wits Great hall in March . Photo by Karen Mwendera.


“We should be trained not only as job seekers but also to have a mind-set that says, ‘I should be a job creator’,” – Dlamini-Zuma said during a lecture held at the annual Human Rights Dialogue at Wits Senate room on March 5. Photo by Karen Mwendera.

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